Cool Blog Monday

The tools we have available to us to connect with our tribe are phenomenal.  Most of the pro-photographers (and many of the keen amateurs too) I know have a website and associated blog, Facebook Fan page and use Twitter.

One of the neat things that the Twitterati do is to highlight other Twitter users that provide useful posts – they call this ‘Follow Fridays’ and use the hash tag #FF.  I thought that it would be fun to occasionally highlight some of the interesting blogs that I have come across in recent weeks.  Here goes:

This is the home of David duChemin, he of ‘Gear is good, Vision is better’, author of ‘Within the Frame’ and ‘Visionmongers’.  He is also a principal author of a series of e-books ( that push his message that to develop as a photographer you don’t need more gear, you should get out and use what you have.  Lots of good posts here that generally leave me feeling better for having read them – try this one ( to start.

I believe that I found Sabrina Henry’s blog through some of her comments on Twitter.  Sabrina is on a similar path to the one that I’m on and I enjoy reading her experiences, thoughts and opinions.  I particularly liked this recent post:

Light in the Frame is the blog of Steve Coleman, an Australian photographer who is also the co-owner of a successful commercial design business.  I really enjoy looking at Steve’s images ( and have enjoyed reading his posts regarding his approach.  His editing post ( particularly resonated with me. He seems to be more active on Facebook than he is on his blog.

I found Bruce Percy through some of the comments made by Steve Coleman.  Bruce has a couple of e-books that are worth a read and it looks like there are a couple more e-books in the works.  Bruce like Steve favors the Mamiya 7II system – I seem to be drawn to the work of photographers who either still use a film based medium format system or were long time users of a medium or large format system and bring that sensibility to their work with a DLSR.

If there were only one link on this page that you click on let it be this one.  Sophie was diagnosed with ALL – Acute lymphoblastic leukemia on March 15, just a month short of her 1 year birthday.  Sophie’s parents will need support to cover expenses associated with the cost of living at the hospital for weeks at a time while Sophie undergoes treatment and to help supplement their medical insurance which will not cover all of the medical expenses and medications.  A group of generous and talented photographers have donated prints so that when you donate, regardless of the amount, you’ll get a great gift in return.

One thought on “Cool Blog Monday

  1. Thanks for the mention Andy. It’s good to have the company of people like yourself on this journey.

    Great recommendation on Bruce Percy too. I just finished up his eBook on “Simplifying Composition” and would recommend this to readers of your blog.

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