Overcoming the Resistance

At some point in our lives we all run up against what Steven Pressfield refers to in his book ‘The War of Art‘ as the resistance. Paralyzingly fear that prevents you from finishing your work, showing to someone else or submitting it for publication. This fear is genetically hard wired, a throw back to a time where it was incredibly dangerous to stand out from the crowd. Seth Godin calls this hard wiring the lizard brain. Yet we live in a time where success is critically dependent on our ability to differentiate ourselves and stand out. So what to do? Run headlong towards the things that scare you and just do them. This is easier said than done. Start with small wins. Surround yourself with a supportive community.


One thought on “Overcoming the Resistance

  1. I like what you have suggested, here, Andy. I had to move a little away from the critical art group, locally, because their banter affected my ability to concentrate and flow. I very much identify it with my inability sift out banter. When facing a new adventure in creating I am always telling myself that Nike phrase “Just Do It”! It has worked so far. Good words and thought!

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