The Tabernacle

I was lucky enough to spend my first evening on Martha’s Vineyard with my friend Ginny Newton. Ginny was the winner of Yankee Magazine‘s Editors’ Choice Photo Contest in 2010 and was also a guest blogger over on the Yankee Magazine webpage. We met at Alison Shaw’s gallery in Oak Bluffs and then Ginny gave me a guide tour of the campgrounds.  I guess this area is more formally known as the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association Campgrounds.  In any case the little cottages are pretty neat and Ginny had some fun stories to share of staying in various cottages including one across from Shel Silverstein.  The Camp Meeting Association is a religious association dating back to 1835.  As one might expect at the center of the campgrounds is The Tabernacle – a really interesting structure that has dozens of stained glass windows.  Because of the way the stained glass is arranged there are interesting colored patterns to be captured throughout the entire day.  I had a fun couple of hours on two occasions photographing the colored light.



4 thoughts on “The Tabernacle

  1. When I spent summers in Oak Bluffs as a child, my grandmother and I used to stop and sit in the quiet confines of the Taberbacle on our way to, or from downtown. Of course, being a child, I couldn’t resist clapping my hands or yelling out loud to hear the sound reverberate throughout the entire structure. I remember those times, although they occurred about fifty years ago, like it was yesterday.

    Great place; fond memories…


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