Book Comment: Landscape Meditations

I find that I can learn as much from looking at books from other visual artists as I do from photographers. One such example is ‘Landscape Meditations’ by Elizabeth Mowry, that I found recently while browsing in a local bookstore. From the introduction I knew this was a book I would gain something from when I read:

‘when one uses an idea already expressed by others, it becomes unequivocally necessary to take the idea deeper, further or in a different direction to avoid finding oneself on an inevitably dead-ended plateau with unfulfilling work that echoes refrains from someone else’s songs.’

This and other ideas in the book are very much in line with my thoughts for what I’m trying to do with my photography, to have my personality come through in my work. How to get there is a struggle that involves working hard and intentionally. I feel as though Landscape Meditations provides some framework for the exploration for those things that catch our attention, the themes that run deep in our work.

The book begins with a brief historical survey of those artists that have worked in series before launching into the 10 chapters that form the bulk of the book. The general format for each chapter is an introduction, the work and finally a section titled ‘Thoughts: artist to artist’. I found myself reading the ‘Thoughts’ sections for all the chapters first and then going back and reading the chapter through.

Thoroughly enjoyed the book and is one that I’ll keep coming back to.

3 thoughts on “Book Comment: Landscape Meditations

  1. I reviewed your comments and the comments about the book online at Amazon, I agree that inspiration can be shared and this ma just be one more catalyst that moves my photography forward another notch, thanks for sharing, my copy will arrive in a few days . . new insights to series work was where I was headed with my landscape work.

  2. I have read this book and have it in my collection, also. I think it is not so much different than what you do. You are an artist and she spoke artist to artist. …and not just the art of creating visual images, either; anytime anyone takes the time to inject the humaness of what they do, I learn and try to being it to my own adventure in creating. I “see” through new eyes.

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