Friday Inspiration: Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish is one of those photographers whose work I continue to return to. Much of what he does is shot in the part of England, Yorkshire, that I consider home and his ability to articulate what he’s thinking as he frames a particular shot is instructive. I’m also lusting after the Linhof Techno camera and the Phase One back but that’s a different topic entirely. Find out more about Joe Cornish here and enjoy the videos below.

2 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration: Joe Cornish

  1. Really enjoyed the Joe Cornish videos . . Have always been a huge fan of his work. Can’t say enough about his selection of equipment either. thanks for the share Andy

    • Thanks Tim. I appreciate you adding your voice to the conversation. I’d love one of those Linhof Techno’s with the Phase One back. Good to have something to aspire to!

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