Welcoming Winter


It certainly feels like Winter is upon us here in the New England. Even though we didn’t get thoroughly dumped on by the recent Nor’Easter as some parts of the region did there was still enough snow to get out and play a little.

11 thoughts on “Welcoming Winter

  1. I, like you, prefer the inch we got. As they say in my part of the woods: we love all the snow we can get, as long as it is just north of Worcester!


  2. We just got over a burst of below freezing temps, here in SW Idaho. I’m a pansy (just moved from mild Western WA), and was shocked at how cold 3°F actually feels.

  3. sounds beautiful.. However I think I might need to rug up in your corner of the world. Here in Western Australia (Denmark on the south coast) it is the second day of summer and we had 11mm of rain and it was 12C at 7am brrrrrrrr.

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