Visual Fatigue

How do you navigate social media? Do you have a strategy for how you engage with it?

I’ve come to the point where I need to dial way back the amount of time I spend trawling Instagram and tumblr or watching videos on YouTube.

I had started to feel nauseated by YouTube – perhaps in recognition of what I was doing. Filling a void with edutainment.

I know some people advocate for taking a social media break, others will take a digital Shabbat and turn off the devices on Friday and turn them back on again on Saturday.

I’m going to dial things back to be able to read more and create more. I’m going to spend less time having YouTube running in the background and time mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. More time intentionally looking at my photo books and learning why images work for me.

2 thoughts on “Visual Fatigue

  1. I’ve ditched all social media, with the exception of WordPress.

    I hate Facebook… just outright hate it. I really liked the creative community on Instagram, but couldn’t gain any traction in engaging with others. Twitter was a bust, as was every other platform that I tried. But I like WordPress, and the community that thrives here.

    I do read everyday, and am slowly ramping up my watercolor and photography efforts to be as close to everyday as I can.

    • My goodness – Facebook! I couldn’t agree more. Twitter is also a weird place for photographers – perhaps 10 years ago. I agree about Instagram – it feels like it’s become a broadcast medium. I wonder about Tumblr and the potential for micro-blogging. But I have the same challenge with Tumblr as I do with Instagram – your photos need to shout loudly to get attention. Thanks for stopping in here!

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