Feeling Bloated

For a variety of reasons my diet went south at the end of 2020. I indulged in making all the things I enjoy but I’m not supposed to eat – ice cream, pizza (I could live on these alone!), bread, cookies and cakes. A few months of that has left me feeling bloated. Happy but very bloated. Fortunately my choice of clothes can tolerate a 10lb swing in weight. I’m now following my version of the Fast800 diet and back into a zone my doctor would rather I be in.

Thinking about this and the bit of spring cleaning that I have been doing in my office has made me recognize that I need to trim back on some of the stuff.

I love books, so it’s always hard to consider getting rid of them. Low hanging fruit are the manuals for long gone versions of photoshop and light room. I like Scott Kelby’s 7 point processing system which is described for Photoshop CS3 (Wow – that was 2007) while a little dated the thinking is still sound. I’ll hang on to that one until the new edition comes out later in the summer but the others – Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Photoshop CS5 and more – will all have to go.

I have boxes and boxes of prints that I made when I was first starting out. While it kills me to do it, these also really need to go. I’m never going to use them for anything – the prints are my first attempts to make art prints, long before I met Bob Korn and had some foundational lessons in how to see color in a print.

I also have boxes of gear that need to be purged. I found recently that the speed lights I have didn’t work because the batteries in them had corroded. Oops! An expensive mistake. How much other stuff that I have that is in danger of going the same way?

How about you? How often do you have a good clear out? Where are you in the scale of minimalist to horder? How do you decide what to keep and what to toss?

3 thoughts on “Feeling Bloated

  1. I’ve slowly been culling the bulk of my photo gear. I’ve sold most of my film bodies, lenses, and film stock. The same for my digital gear; all of my digicams have been sold, and I just have one body and a couple of lenses left.

    • I’m impressed! I’m at the beginning of that journey. How did you decided what made the cut? I’ve been staring at my Lightroom catalog metadata to see which cameras and lenses I really use – quite surprising!

      • Well, my spouse had been taking a dim view of ongoing consumable expenses – like film, chemicals, and everything related to the analog process – so that’s what got axed. I sold all of my Leica and Zeiss gear, about half of my refrigerated film stock, etc. I also sold all of my digicams and some other gear, so now I’m down to just one digital body and a couple of lenses, plus my iPhone – which is what I use for the bulk of my photography now anyway.

        I had a small mountain of gear I’d accumulated over the years, so I understood the reason for needing to part with most of it, especially since we’ll be moving across the country in the not-too-distant-future, and we’ll need to get rid of everything that we don’t want to ship with us.

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