School’s Out For Summer!

I’m shocked to find myself in the summer holidays. Where did the year go? My kids are now rattling around the house looking for things to do. If I were them I would want to spend my time in The Music Shed with David Morgan.

Instead I’m finding myself swamped with multifarious commitments and obligations making doing the things that I want to do a challenge.

Photography seems harder in the summer, trees are less interesting when they are fully clothed and blogging is taking a back seat.

How about you? Ready for a summer break?

3 thoughts on “School’s Out For Summer!

  1. Living in a swampy forest in south east Texas, I am already wishing for fall…😄 I love the trees with full foliage but the mosquitoes are brutal this year. Hope y’all have fun this summer!

    • Goodness! Having grown up in the frozen wasteland of the North of England I don’t have the constitution to survive a summer in the south! Looking forward to making the most of the good weather here – our mosquitos are bad too. Haven’t they heard of social distancing?!

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