Noticing What You’re Noticing

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It’s been fun to visit the old digital neighborhoods as I turn the lights back on here.  As is often the case somethings are very much the same, other things are different and some are no longer.  Google appears to have shuttered Google+ – I wonder what that means for the communities that were heavily reliant on that platform.  Some of my favorite physical and digital magazines are still in operation – Lenswork to name just one, while others seem to have ceased publication.  Old friends and familiar voices are still working hard while others have retired.  Such is the nature of things.

My neighborhood here in Connecticut has a very different vibe to Boston.  The most immediate and obvious differences here are how hilly it is and it definitely feels that you’re in the middle of the woods. There are also many more rivers, streams and ponds than there were where I was on the South Shore of Boston.  I’m about 30 minutes from the coast but at the moment it feels much further.  I expect that this will have an impact on what I choose to photograph as i become more comfortable and settled here.

For now I’m content to not try to force things, preferring to ‘notice what I’m noticing’ and see where that takes me.  This is easy to say and hard to do.  It means quietening my thoughts, having no expectations and being open enough to let my sub-consciousness come through.  I feel like only when I get into this mode that I’m able to create something that is mine.