Mare’s Tails

I would be the first to admit that I struggle to handle wide angle lenses.  They cover a huge amount of real estate which makes it a challenge to control all the details within the frame.  One of the things that I’ve consciously been working on with my rocks at the waters edge project is to use a wide angle for the majority of the images, just to force me to use it and get used to it.  I naturally gravitate towards a longer lens that allows me to extract details from the whole, often resulting in an image that takes a moment to figure out what you’re looking at.  This was the case for the image above.  The larger fishing boats were at the dock in Scituate harbor and the yellow in the nets caught my eye.

Morning at the Harbor Breakwater

I continue to explore the coast and harbors close to home looking for different viewpoints.  On this particular morning I was on location while it was still dark and as the sky began to lighten ventured beyond the warmth of my car.  Overnight there had been a light dusting of snow, most of which had been blown away but some remained, to provide highlights to the buildings and rocks.  Unfortunately what I took for snow on the breakwater was actually a layer of ice.  Waves washing up and over the breakwater had left the breakwater with a thin, but very slick coating of ice.  My first confident step onto the ‘snow’ put me very quickly on my back.  Fortunately neither me nor my gear were worse for wear and I was able to make this image.  I was however much more careful as I returned to the car!