Friday Inspiration: Michael Fletcher

Amberay from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

Michael Fletcher is the film maker behind the documentaries that support the Ninety Degrees Five projects. The twin brother of photographer Christian Fletcher he turned to film making in an effort to differentiate himself from the stills that he’s brother was making. I’m quite glad that he did since I really enjoy his style of film making. I wish that he had a fully fledged website of his own. Instead I’ll point you to the video section on his brother’s website here and to his page on Vimeo.

Enjoy a few of my favorite videos above and below from the over 70 that Michael has posted.

Lofoten – A Photographic Adventure In Norway from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

Born to Fly – Canon 1Dc from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

An Interesting Twist to the Image a Day Concept

One of the magazines that I read featured the image above as the lead in to an article in a recent issue. I was of course more interested in the photograph than the article. It was created by Eirik Solheim, a Norwegian photographer, and originally described in a post on his website here. Essentially what Eirik did was to fix his camera in place and then over the course of a year took 16,000 photographs from that same spot. Of these he selected 3888 images from which a strip one pixel wide was taken to build the composite shown above. Very cool effect and has me wondering about other possibilities.

He also goes on to describe how he made time-lapse videos showing a years worth of photographs in a minute or so. Check those out here and below.