Friday Inspiration: Stephen Voss

After digging back into Masao Yamamoto’s work recently his bonsai pictures caught my attention which reminded me of the book of bonsai photographs that I have in my collection. Published in 2016 In Training is a book created by Stephen Voss. I’m surprised that I didn’t know much about Stephen until I looked him up this morning and boy was I surprised. Stephen is a DC based freelance photographer, take a look at his website and you’ll see many faces that you recognize. It’s somewhat incongruous that his book, his first as he notes in the video below, is a book of bonsai trees.

To support the book Stephen created a website, that has additional videos of the trees and a behind the scenes video of him at work. The bonsai trees are at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum in Washington DC. If you’re interested in learning more about photographing bonsai trees Stephen now writes regularly for the museum’s website. His blog posts are well worth checking out for both the new photographs as well as the insight into photographing bonsai.

For more information about Stephen Voss check out his website and instagram page and the bonsai focused website for behind the scenes information on the In Training book project. As I write this the book is on sale at his website making it even easier to get a copy of this great book.